Building Meaningful Relationships: A Gentle Teaching Journey

Gentle Teaching has played a pivotal role in my life, transforming the way I perceive and foster relationships with individuals at COR, my supportive colleagues, and the students I have the privilege to teach. As an educator specializing in students with disabilities, my journey with Gentle Teaching has fundamentally changed my approach, encouraging me to explore the profound “why” behind people’s actions.

When I first began my journey at COR, I made the unfortunate assumption that challenging behaviors were merely cries for attention, believing that individuals should inherently know better. Little did I know, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Gentle Teaching has been my guiding light, teaching me that building meaningful relationships is rooted in care, love, the provision of comfort and safety, and effective communication to understand individuals’ needs and desires. It has revealed that when someone experiences a crisis, it’s not a deliberate choice but a signal that an unmet need is at the heart of the turmoil.

For me, Gentle Teaching has been an awakening—a realization that I need to look at the bigger picture. Instead of hastily passing judgment, I now seek to understand what is driving the crisis and how I can be a source of support. My commitment to building trust with the individuals I support and my students has allowed them to rely on me during their most challenging moments. Since embracing Gentle Teaching at COR, my personal and professional life has blossomed. I’ve transitioned from jumping to conclusions to working through them, approaching every situation with an open heart.

Gentle Teaching has also instilled in me the wisdom to demonstrate love, care, and nurture even during moments of crisis or escalation. Initially, I questioned the idea of showing affection to someone who may be acting violently, but a deeper understanding of Gentle Teaching has shown me the profound importance of unwavering support. I’ve learned that we must stand by individuals not only during the good times but, more importantly, during the challenging ones.

Gentle Teaching has, without a doubt, shifted my perspective on handling situations and made me realize that there are numerous ways to navigate life’s complexities. I am committed to a path of continuous learning, personal growth, and becoming the best version of myself, all while incorporating the invaluable lessons I’ve gained through Gentle Teaching. My hope is to share these essential values and insights with others, so they, too, can experience the transformation that Gentle Teaching brings.

In conclusion, my journey with Gentle Teaching has reshaped my life, both personally and professionally, and I am grateful for the boundless opportunities it continues to offer. I aspire to pay forward the kindness and wisdom I’ve received, guiding others on their own journey of growth and understanding.


COR Family