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MacKenzie’s Story: Embracing Growth Through Gentle Teaching

Gentle Teaching has been a transformative force in my life, molding me into a more compassionate friend, daughter, student, and colleague. Beyond being a supportive figure, it has equipped me with invaluable tools to navigate various relationships. The philosophy of Gentle Teaching has allowed me to empathize, perceive situations from different angles, and foster both […]

Jayde’s Story: Self-Awareness Through Gentle Teaching

Discovering the profound impact of Gentle Teaching has been a transformative journey for me. It was back in 2015, during my Kinesiology degree, that I first encountered this philosophy in a class with the insightful Brenda Rossow-Kimball. Although I absorbed valuable lessons, I didn’t immediately apply them to my life. It wasn’t until I embarked […]

Nurturing Connections: The 2024 Gentle Teaching International Conference

We are thrilled to invite you to the 2024 Gentle Teaching International (GTI) conference, a global gathering dedicated to fostering positive and proactive support in the realms of health, mental health, disability, and education. This milestone event marks the 23rd anniversary of the conference and is set to unite over 500 participants for three impactful […]

Embracing Unconditional Love and Respect: A Gentle Teaching Journey

Gentle Teaching has woven its transformative threads into the fabric of my being, reshaping not only my approach to supporting individuals with disabilities but also defining the person I aspire to become. Four years into my journey with COR, the initial excitement I felt was tempered by confusion about how Gentle Teaching would unfold, particularly […]

Empowered to New Heights: A Gentle Teaching Journey

At COR, the journey of personal growth and empowerment unfolds in unexpected ways. For me, this organization has become more than a workplace—it’s a platform for leadership, support, and friendship that continually propels me to new heights. In the embrace of COR’s philosophy, my character and vision have been not just acknowledged but nurtured, creating […]

Jordan’s Story: Embracing New Experiences and Cultivating Gentle Connections

Greetings Gentle Teaching community, In the realm of support, the essence of creating and maintaining a culture of gentleness lies in being present and offering our utmost to those we serve. This realization positions me as a constant in someone’s life for a meaningful reason, urging me to invest wholeheartedly in that person’s journey. As […]

Candace’s Story: Gentle Teaching Beyond the Workplace

At COR, Gentle Teaching transcends the confines of a professional role; it permeates the essence of who we are in every aspect of our lives. When I first embarked on the Gentle Teaching training years ago, the notion that it “isn’t a hat you take on and off” struck me as a curious metaphor. Little […]

Building Meaningful Connections: A Gentle Teaching Journey

I am excited to share my personal journey of growth and connection through the lens of Gentle Teaching Philosophy. Since immersing myself in the principles of Gentle Teaching, it has provided me with a profound framework to cultivate meaningful connections with the individuals I support. Discovering the tools embedded in the Gentle Teaching Philosophy has […]

Building Meaningful Relationships: A Gentle Teaching Journey

Gentle Teaching has played a pivotal role in my life, transforming the way I perceive and foster relationships with individuals at COR, my supportive colleagues, and the students I have the privilege to teach. As an educator specializing in students with disabilities, my journey with Gentle Teaching has fundamentally changed my approach, encouraging me to […]

Gentle Teaching: Sasha’s Journey of Compassion Beyond Boundaries

In the realm of Gentle Teaching, the essence extends far beyond the workplace—it becomes a profound way of life that transcends through our homes, schools, and the public sphere. It is a philosophy rooted in unconditional love and care, and for me, it has become a guiding principle that shapes every interaction. As a devoted […]