A Transformational Journey: How Gentle Teaching Reshaped My Life

I entered the world of Gentle Teaching with only a basic understanding—a belief in kindness and acceptance. Little did I know that this approach would go on to transform my life in ways I could never have imagined.

Before joining COR, my knowledge of Gentle Teaching was gleaned from pre-interview research. It seemed straightforward—to be kind and accepting. In my initial months, extending kindness to those I supported and my team felt effortless. Smooth sailing dominated my experiences, and challenges seemed nonexistent.

Building relationships with the first individuals I supported was seamless—I engaged in activities, shared laughter, and created bonds effortlessly. However, it wasn’t until I began supporting a different young lady that the true essence of Gentle Teaching unfolded before me.

This new challenge required extra effort to foster kindness and build a meaningful connection. In the struggle to forge a relationship, I discovered the profound teachings of Gentle Teaching. Patience, self-awareness, creativity in tough moments, and the creation of safe spaces, both physically and psychologically, became crucial. Meeting someone where they are at and understanding the root of their reactions became my guiding principles.

Through this journey, I not only became more patient and understanding with those I supported but also transformed my interactions beyond the caregiving context. Reflection on my personal relationships became a habit, as I sought to create safe and understanding spaces in all aspects of my life. The process prompted increased self-awareness, leading to a healing of inner wounds. This personal growth empowered me to be a stronger person, better equipped to support others.

Gentle Teaching opened my eyes to the folly of swift judgment. It taught me that, without a genuine connection and understanding, we cannot fathom the origin of someone’s reactions or behaviors. Crucially, it transformed me into a person who, in addition to extending kindness and patience to others, became more compassionate and patient with myself.

Recognizing the validity of my emotions and the importance of self-care, I realized that only by nurturing my own well-being could I effectively care for others. This profound realization rippled through all my relationships, marking a significant positive shift. In essence, Gentle Teaching has not only changed the way I care for others but has profoundly changed my life for the better.


COR Family