Embracing Gentle Teaching: A Transformative Journey

Before joining Creative Options Regina, the term “Gentle Teaching” was unfamiliar to me. Working with individuals with disabilities was a novel concept, and I must admit, I was apprehensive.

Throughout my life, societal norms had ingrained in me a sense of disregard and detachment from those with disabilities. Compassion, friendship, and acceptance seemed to be forgotten virtues. However, my perspective underwent a profound shift after completing Gentle Teaching Level 2 in my first week at the office.

I cannot claim an immediate transformation, but rather, Gentle Teaching began molding my inner self through the daily interactions and observations within the organization. It wasn’t just about the supports, the office team, or even the work we do—it was about the people we serve.

What inspired me most was witnessing how the four pillars of Gentle Teaching seamlessly integrated into our everyday interactions. This approach opened doors to connections I never thought I would desire. Slowly but surely, I found myself becoming a part of the lives of those we serve, genuinely learning about them and caring for them. Surprisingly, this transformation extended beyond my work at COR and began to influence my daily interactions with family and friends.

Gentle Teaching is not an overnight phenomenon, nor is it something one can ever fully master. Instead, it is a journey of continuous learning and growth. This is what captivates me about Gentle Teaching—it encourages personal development every day, fostering a little more understanding and compassion with each passing moment. It’s an ongoing process that I embrace wholeheartedly, propelling me to engage, to love, to be loved, and to provide safety to all those around me.

With gratitude,


COR Family Member